What is the Partial Tax Abatement or the Tax Cap?

Nevada Revised States (NRS) 361.471 through 361.4735 provides for a Partial Tax Abatement of property taxes and is commonly referred to as the "Tax Cap". The Tax Cap limits the amount your property taxes can increase from the last fiscal tax year to the current fiscal tax year. Any amount over the tax cap limit is abated. The Tax Cap does not apply to new construction, new value placed on the assessment roll or changes in actual or authorized use. The Tax Cap does not mean your taxes will increase. It means that if your taxes increase, they will not increase by more than a certain percentage.

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1. What is the Partial Tax Abatement or the Tax Cap?
2. By what percentage can my property taxes increase?
3. Why am I receiving this form?
4. What properties qualify as a primary residence?
5. What if I have a family member who lives at the property and pays the mortgage?
6. How do I know if my rental property will qualify for the low or high tax cap?
7. What if this parcel is not my primary residence or a rental?
8. What should I file if this property is up for sale and escrow is expected to close prior to July 1, 2019?
9. What if I missed the deadline listed on this form?
10. Can I appeal the Tax Cap decision made for my property?
11. Who determines the high tax cap each year? How are the low income housing rent levels determined?