What if I rent out a room in my primary residence?
If you live in the home you own, it is considered your primary residence and therefore qualifies for the 3% tax cap.

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1. Who is eligible for the 3% tax cap?
2. What is capped by the legislation?
3. How does the tax cap affect my exemption?
4. Why did my bill go up by more than the prescribed cap from last year’s bill?
5. What if my tax bill did not increase by the amount of the corresponding cap?
6. What if I rent out a room in my primary residence?
7. What if I rent out my guesthouse?
8. Is the land my manufactured home sits on eligible for the 3% cap on taxes?
9. Why did I receive an owner occupancy card?
10. How do I qualify for a 3% tax cap for rental property?
11. What if I run a business in my primary residence? Does my property still qualify for the 3% tax cap?
12. What if my primary residence is on the same parcel as my business?
13. What if I sell my home or purchase a new home?
14. I received the 3% tax cap, why did my assessed value go up by more than 3%?
15. Can I apply for or change my cap over the phone?
16. Do all owners of a given property have to sign the post card?
17. I have multiple properties owned by a trust that the trustees live in. Will the 3% tax cap apply to these properties?
18. Was my tax rate capped by this legislation?