Youth Programs

Aquatic Center Swimming Lessons

Fall/Winter/Spring Swimming Lessons are $35.00 a session (30 minute lesson, twice a week for 3 weeks). 

* Due to COVID-19 policies we have smaller class sizes than normal and because of high demand for spots in the levels we are not allowing registration for classes prior to the week before each session starts. Thank you! *

Taught by our American Red Cross Lifeguards
Assisted by our Junior Lifeguard Interns

Your child can learn water safety and improve swimming strokes for recreational and competitive swimming year round. Churchill County Pool offers American Red Cross Learn-to-Swim courses and our instructors are certified Water Safety Instructor professionals. Achievement booklets are given to every participant and certificates are awarded to participants who successfully meet requirements for the next level.


Throughout the session your child will learn swimming skills based on level and if they are able to master these skills they will move onto the next level!

Parent and Child (Team Starfish) :  Mon & Wed 5:30PM - 5:50PM

Enter the water using the steps or side
Submerge face (eyes, nose, mouth)
Blow bubbles (mouth and nose)
Back float
Front float
Demonstrate swimming arm movements
Demonstrate kicks/leg movements
Ensuring safety for young children
Recognizing emergencies, potential dangers

Level 1 (Team Guppy) : Mon & Wed 5:30 PM-6:00 PM OR Tuesday & Thursday 5:00 PM-5:30 PM

Enter water using the steps or side
Submerge face (whole head)
Front float
Back float
Blow bubbles (mouth and nose)
Front glide
Back glide
Demonstrate flutter kicks
Submerge underwater to grab objects
Introduction to front crawl
Staying safe around water (indoor and outdoor)
Calling for help in emergencies

Level 2 (Team Seahorse) : Mon & Wed 6:00 PM-6:30 PM OR Tue & Thur 5:30 PM-6:00 PM

Submerge and grab objects
Front crawl
Treading water
Front glide with kicks
Back glide with kicks
Breaststroke kick
Dolphin kick
Sitting dive
Kneeling dive
Standing dive
Assess the water before getting in
Swim smart; float when it gets tough

Level 3 (Team Dolphin) : Tue & Thur 5:30 PM-6:00 PM

Front crawl 15 yards
Backstroke 15 yards
Introduction to elementary backstroke
Introduction to breaststroke
Introduction to butterfly
Treading water (1 minute)
Demonstrate comfort in deep water
Jump off of the diving board
Breath control safety
Swimming with water currents

Level 4 (Team Shark) : Tue & Thur 6:00 PM-6:30 PM

Front crawl 25 yards
Backstroke 25 yards
Breaststroke 15 yards
Butterfly 15 yards
Tread water (3 minutes)
Open turns
Swim underwater
Surface dives (feetfirst and pike)
Tuck dive
Pike dive
Reaching and throwing assists
Water illnesses (hypo- and hyper-)

Level 5 (Team Orca) : 

Front crawl 50 yards
Backstroke 50 yards
Breaststroke 25 yards
Butterfly 25 yards
Flip turns
Using backstroke flags
Assistance with swim lessons (weeks 2 + 3)
The importance of first-aid and CPR
Safe ways to assist with swim lessons
Avoiding fatigue while swimming