Agricultural Protection

The right to farm your land is recognized as a natural right and is also ordained as a permitted use everywhere in the county except where prohibited by zoning regulations, subject only to state health and sanitary codes.

Farming rights include all uses and activities associated with generally accepted farming practices. Examples of some of these activities include, but are not limited to, the use of large equipment, aerial and ground seeding and spraying, and the application of natural and chemical fertilizers, insecticides and herbicides, all for the purposes of producing from the land agricultural products such as vegetables, grains, hay, fruit, fibers, wood, trees, plants, shrubs, flowers, and seeds. This right to farm shall also include the right to use the land for feed storage, feedlots, grazing by farm animals and dairy operations, and includes the transportation of agricultural products to and from a farm, ranch, or dairy for the use of that specific agricultural operation.

Please note that some feeding operations (1,000-plus animals in the A-5 land use district) may require review or permitting through the Planning Department.


Conservation Programs to Protect Agriculture

Churchill County has two very successful Conservation Programs that promote agriculture, open space, and compatibility with military operations.

Transfer of Development Rights (TDR):

The purpose of the TDR program is to provide a voluntary, incentive-based process for permanently preserving rural resources that will provide significant community benefits such as agriculture, open spaces, aquifer recharge for current and future water supply (water recharge area), and military installation buffer areas. If you are interested in participating in the TDR program, you must be within the designated buffer area of NAS Fallon and their associated ranges. It is recommended that you meet with the Planning Director to discuss the program prior to completing the Sending Site and TDR calculation application. This program is a model for other areas throughout the United States. For more details see: Title 16.14 TDR Program

NAS Fallon is very supportive of the TDR program since protection of agriculture around the base and associated ranges is compatible with its mission and operations. NAS Fallon has partnered with Churchill County to provide funding to purchase the conservation easements and development rights on properties within a designated buffer area.

If you own property in the buffer area around the naval air station and meet the criteria of a sending site, contact the Planning Director to discuss the TDR partnering program.

Diane Moyle
Office Administrator
Email Diane regarding TDR Program

Cluster Developments:

The purpose of the cluster development is to provide the agricultural community an alternative to taking land out of production or irrigation through land division. Clustered developments provide a mechanism to preserve agricultural lands and open space by allowing the agricultural community to utilize the fullest divisional potential of their land (a parcel, or adjoining parcels under the same ownership) by locating housing in clustered areas on a parcel or adjoining parcel and designating the remainder of the parcel as an agricultural easement or open space. If you are interested in participating in the Cluster Development program, it is recommended that you meet with the Planning Director to discuss the program. For more details see Title Cluster developments

Dean Patterson
Associate Planner
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