From May 1888 through November 1965
(not available for December 1960 to June 1963)
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From May 1889 through Oct. 1966
(not available for February through July 1911)

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Type of records listed in the Genealogy screen are: Births, Birth announcements, Birth Certificate Affidavits, Certificate of Baptisms, Death Certificates, Naturalizations, and Census records. These records are located in the county official records, and Austin Funeral Home records (unofficial) and are up to 1968.

Obituaries up to 2004 are located at:

They will list the newspaper, date of obituary, page and column number. Obituary requests - refer to the above website; email addresses are listed at this site. For a small donation to the library they will make copies of obituaries upon request.

Death Records from the Austin Funeral Home records were abstracted to fill in the missing records from November 12, 1959 to June 16, 1963. There were additional death records from 1955 thru 1966 that were also recovered. Please remember that the Recorder’s Office only has copies of the death records that doctors in the area gave to us and the index does not contain death records if the person died outside Churchill County. This is not a complete or accurate list. If you cannot find a record in our office, you can obtain a "certified" copy from the Nevada State Department of Vital Statistics. You can also refer to the VitalCheck website.

Birth Announcements and Obituaries have been added to our database for the years the death and birth records are missing. It will list which newspaper the information came from, date of newspaper, page and column.

Birth Order and Decrees From Files 2, First Judicial District Court are located on microfiche in our office in alphabetical order (A to Y) for births from 1875 to 1932. They are for births that took place in other states/countries except for a few exceptions. They are indexed into our database as birth records and included father/mother names if indicated on the document.

Birth records indexing includes the name of mother and father, as in some cases the child was not named until later and the name will not appear on the birth record. In that case, we are using the father’s last name and listing "boy" or "girl" after the name. The letter (M) will appear next to mother’s name, the letter (F) will appear next to father’s name. Please take into consideration that a lot of the writing is pretty undecipherable in the older documents and so we have taken our best determination of what they have written. Also, in the older records the mother may have been listed as Mrs., so no maiden name or first name was listed.

Fill out the Copy Request Form (DOCX). We require this form to be filled out and sent in with a copy of picture ID for the release of any records containing personal information (NRS 603A.040). If you can not prove you are a relative or personal representative of the person who’s personal information is included in the document you are requesting, you will simply receive a redacted copy (a copy in which the personal information has been removed from the document prior to releasing it).

Death records indexing includes mother and father names if provided, so you can determine if this is your ancestor. In some instances a person’s name was not provided on the death certificate, so these persons will be listed as "unknown" male/female. If you believe one of these persons may be your relative, please contact us with how they died and date and we will determine whether we have a match.

Estate books of documents recorded August 1906 to October 1968 are available.

Marriage certificates are recorded here and only have the groom/bride’s names, witnesses and ministers signature on them. From September 1919 through July 1926 the marriage license application form was a part of the marriage certificate. All other license applications can be obtained from the Clerk/Treasurer’s office for $1.00 per page. We have checked the marriage certificates against the Clerk/Treasurer’s Marriage License index for accuracy. Please be aware that if your ancestor was of Spanish/Mexican descent the very "last" name will be how it is indexed as there was no way to determine where the last name began.

Divorces are ONLY recorded in our office if there is a real property issue. Divorces are handled through the 10th Judicial District Court. Please contact them for divorce records at (775) 423-6088.

Official records copies are $1.00 per page and $4.00 for certification. We cannot certify births or deaths that have occurred after 1911. Certified copies can be purchased at Nevada State Division Of Health Vital Statistics. Call 800-992-0900, ext. 44242 or log on to the VitalChek website to obtain information.

Obituaries have been added through 2004.

Census Records - located at the Family History Center, (775) 423-8888

Nevada 1860 Census Film (includes Indian Rolls) #1598462

Churchill 1870 Census

Walker Indian Rolls 1897-1935 Film #0583088-93

Fallon Indian Census 1909-1924 Film #0575796