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Recorder Fee Schedule 2020

Functions & Responsibilities

The recorder is elected to a four-year term, and the office has a staff of two to perform all functions. The primary function of the Recorder’s Office is to record documents and maps, maintaining cross-reference indexes to these records. The office provides for public viewing, copies, and certifications of records and provides CD duplicates of records.

To date there are 350 types of documents recorded in this office. It is important that all requirements set by Nevada Revised Statutes are met prior to the performance of the functions mentioned above.

We are very proud of the turn-around time for the processing of documents in our office. We provide next business-day return of all recorded documents. It is our goal to answer all correspondence the same day it is received.


The Recorder’s office is to provide the public with quality service, accurate legible and retrievable records. We are committed to serving our customers with courtesy and prompt service.

The County Recorder does not provide legal advice of any kind per Nevada Revised Statutes 7.285.