Procedures for Septic Systems

In order to begin installing a septic system, please refer to these resources:

Apply for a Septic Permit 

Plan Check/Inspection Fees

The fee for plan check and inspection of an individual residential septic system construction or repair is $200. Contact the Building Department for more information at (775) 428-0264.

Information Regarding Your Septic System(s) & Well(s)

Information regarding the location of your septic system(s) on your property may be on record with the Building Department. If you would like information regarding these records, please call the Building Department at (775) 428-0264.

The Nevada State Division of Water Resources keeps records of wells in Nevada and may have information on the location of the well(s) on your property. For information regarding your well(s), please contact the Division of Water Resources at (775) 684-2800.

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