COVID Testing

Current Testing Offerings

Churchill County offers free COVID testing at several locations in Fallon according to the following schedule:

How To Get Tested For Free

Pre-registration is requested, but not required.

  • You must DOWNLOAD AND SAVE the COVID testing intake form to your device (PC or phone) for the email function at the bottom of the form to work. 
  • Red fields are required to be filled in.
  • Fill out the information requested. Click "Email Form" at bottom of page when completed.

Testing may be arranged on certain days by calling (775)423-6695, option 2.

Testing days and times vary and change with public demand for testing and availability of staffing. 

Drive-thru COVID testing at fairgrounds

How To Get Your Test Results

Churchill County currently sends its asymptomatic tests (taken at the fairgrounds) to the Nevada State Public Health Laboratory in Reno. Test results are taking a few days to get back to Churchill County. 

Churchill County is in the process of establishing a satellite state health lab locally to reduce the testing turnaround time.

Frequently Asked Questions - Testing

How do I get a COVID test?

Churchill County is currently offering free, drive-through COVID tests at the fairgrounds at the times listed above. You may call for an appointment or simply show up at the fairgrounds on the dates and times listed to be tested.

Use one of these three ways to get tested:

  • Download the testing intake form, fill it out and email it back to the County Health Department. You will receive a date and time to go to fairgrounds to be tested. OR:
  • Preregister for your test time by calling (775)423-6695, option 2, and leaving your name and number. Staff will return the call to set your appointment time. OR:
  • Show up at the fairgrounds without an appointment at the times listed above. Expect to stay a little longer to fill out the paperwork.

When will I get my test results back?

Churchill County sends its tests to the Nevada State Health Lab at UNR in Reno. Test results are taking a few days to be returned from the State Health Lab. County staff will contact you with your results when they come in.

How will I know if my test results are positive or negative?

County staff are calling everyone who tests at the fairgrounds with their results, whether they are positive or negative.

What if I am positive?

County staff will call you with the results of your test and if it is positive, they will have further instructions for you on how to safely quarantine yourself. Resources are available through the county to help will groceries and other necessities.

If I test positive, can I retest after my quarantine is over to be cleared for work?

Per State of Nevada guidelines, Churchill County cannot retest people who initially test positive for 90 days from the date of their positive test. 

My employer requires a negative test result to return to work. How do I get one? 

Per state guidelines Churchill County cannot retest within 90 days of an initial positive test. You may take your initial quarantine letter provided by the county, which has an end date for quarantine, to your employer as proof of your release. Churchill County urges business to obtain return-to-work policy guidance on allowing employees to return to work from the Nevada State Business and Industry Department.

People from other communities are coming here to get tested. Are their results being counted in Churchill County numbers?

No. We verify Churchill County residency before we count test results in our numbers. For those living outside Churchill but testing here, we transfer the case and their results to the county of their residence.

When is someone considered recovered from COVID?

Current medical recommendations are that someone is considered recovered from COVID 10 days out: 

  • From the date of the positive test or symptom on-set and
  • Is symptom-free without using fever-reducing medications for a minimum of 24 hours and 
  • If they haven’t been hospitalized or otherwise have symptoms/complications.

Why do COVID reporting numbers fluctuate so much between agencies? How do I know who to believe?

Churchill County sends its fairgrounds test samples to the Nevada State Health Lab in Reno and we receive test results and numbers back directly from that lab. We post test results to our website: and Facebook and Twitter accounts on a weekly basis (currently Fridays). Other testing agencies may use other test facilities (private labs like Quest, etc.) for their test samples. 

Differences in agency reporting numbers can be due to backlogs, time to turnaround tests, staffing shortages, reporting turnaround and any other number of reasons. 

The important take away is that no matter the stats you look at, we need to take seriously all public health precautions such as wearing a mask while in public, maintaining social distancing and frequent hand-washing to keep our family, friends and community as safe as possible.